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    ovvo studio

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    71 rue de la Fraternité

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    +33 6 14 57 87 71

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    798 025 862 000 37

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We are creative technologies studio.
We create emotional experiences.
we are

Founded in 2006 and bringing together the creative activities of the multidisciplinary artist Shandor Chury, OVVO has undergone several transformations. Its latest reincarnation as OVVO Studio as part of the Hi! Poly is a polymorphic and multidimensional organisation with a strong point of view in the design of innovative experiments and a solid technical knowledge to realize them.

At OVVO Studio everyone is creative. We don't believe that beauty of expression comes exclusively in one form or combination of talents. So we are always looking for collaborations with people who are not afraid of challenges and who can see beyond what is around them to make life more interesting.

we do

The ambition of any creative studio, OVVO being no exception, is to imagine experiences that create above all emotional connections. Whether for a rock concert, an exhibition or a communication operation, this ambition remains unchanged. We use all the advanced techniques and technologies available to create these experiences, powered by our advanced workflow based largely on the Touchdesigner platform.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the skills and creative services we offer:

projection mapping (content and technical), pixel mapping (advanced work with controlled lights), real-time motion design, interactivity and sensors, 2D/3D production, hybrid video content and motion design, hybrid artistic and corporate installations, event staging, direction of photography for show and event lighting, technical event direction, customised applications for control or participation in installations, advanced interactive content (AR, VR).

why us

Big picture.

We always maintain a bird-view and transversal vision of the project like a good director who is very story-centric of his film. There are no arbitrary decisions or unjustified choices, everything serves the final goal.

The human size of our studio allows us to be always reactive and attentive to each of our projects. Furthermore, we have an extensive network of specialised collaborators, which allows us to meet tighter deadlines on certain projects, while preserving artistic quality.

they trust us
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